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    Per liter:

    Fruktosa               120 g

    Glukosa                  66 g

    Xylitol                       60 g



    Bentuk sediaan:

    Larutan infus 500 mL di dalam botol kaca


    Larutan  karbohidrat 40% mengandung fruktosa, dekstrosa dan xylitol dengan rasio 2:1:1 dan diadaptasi sesuai kebutuhan metabolisme pascatrauma/stres/sepsis


    Memenuhi kebutuhan energi total dan parsial, serta elektrolit secara parenteral

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    Disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan energi dan cairan, dengan kecepatan infus 45-50 tpm pada pasien dengan berat badan 70 kg


    Gagal ginjal tanpa dialisis, hipersensitif, gangguan hati berat, gangguan metabolisme protein, asidosis metabolik, hiperkalemia, dan hipernitremia

    Peringatan dan Perhatian:

    - Gangguan ginjal.

    - Cek kadar gula darah secara berkala, khususnya pada pasien diabetes.

    Efek Samping:

    Demam, nyeri pada tempat injeksi, trombosis vena, flebitis, ekstravasasi, dan hipervolemia



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    1000 mL infusion solution contain fructose 120 gram, dextrose monohydrate 66 gram, xylitol 60 gram, electrolyte and vitamin.


    Infusion solution in bottles containing 500 mL. Clinic packs available with 10 bottles.


    A solution of 24% compound carbohydrate solutions containing fructose, dextrose and xylitol in the ratio 2:1:1 in an electrolyte base solution. Osmolarity 1600 mOsm/L.


    To cover energy and electrolyte requirements within the scope of partial and total parenteral nutrition, particularly during post-aggression metabolism.


    The solution should not be used in patient with shock, hyperglycaemia, hyperosmotic coma, acidosis, hyperkalaemia, oliguria, anuria, hyperlactatemia, fructose or sorbitol intolerance, fructose -1-6 diphosphatase deficiency, methyl alcohol poisoning, thiamine allergy.

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    For intravenous infusion. The maximum dosage is equivalent to 3 g fructose (or 6 g total carbohydrate)per kg BW/day. During total parenteral nutrition, half the dose only should be given at any one time followed by an interval of at least two hours before the infusion is resumed. The infusion rate is equivalent to 0.25 g fructose (or 0.5 g total carbohydrate) per kg BW/h.

    Warning and Precautions:

    Checks of blood glucose levels are recommended especially in cases of diabetes mellitus. During longterm or high-dosed application it might be necessary to cover increased phosphate requirements. Treat any pre-existing metabolic acidosis before commencing with infusions of Triofusin. Ensure adequate renal function.

    Adverse events:

    Reactions which may occur because of the solution or the technique of administration include fibrile response, infection at the site of the injection, venous thrombosis or phlebitis extending from the site of injection, extra vasation and hyper volemia. If an adverse reaction occurs, discontinue infusion. Initiate appropriate treatment and retain the remainder of the fluid for examination if deemed necessary.

    Drugs Interaction:


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